Our strategy

Our group strategic framework, outlined below, demonstrates how Swiss Re aims to meet its long-term financial targets while considering dynamic near-term priorities:

  1. Systematic capital allocation: We use our superior risk knowledge to allocate capital to the most attractive risk pools and actively optimise our portfolio of assets and liabilities.
  2. Broadening and diversifying our client base: We expand our access to risk pools by investing into new markets, new clients and new types of risk. We target selected high growth markets for both Reinsurance and Corporate Solutions and work to close the global protection gap.
  3. Optimise resource allocation: Our talents, operational efficiency and analytical capabilities are the foundation of our success. Allocating the right amount of resources to finding the right talent and establishing efficient platforms and processes give the organisation the right focus.
  4. Emphasise differentiation: Financial strength, deep client relationships and industry leading risk knowledge differentiate us from peers. All three have underpinned our outperformance and position Swiss Re well to face industry challenges and seize opportunities.

More Information, including our Near-Term Priorities by Business Unit, can be found in .

Annual Report 2019

From risk to resilience